Opti Entries

A Dunne Sea Dragon 386 SSCBCOpen
O Geekie Bad Wolf 540 ABSCOpen
S Stringer Boo 789 SSCBCOpen
L Laverty Quack 838 MYCOpen
E Philip Ozone 1060 SSCBCOpen
N Gleeson Splash 1151 SSCBCOpen
H Stringer Havoc 1232 SSCBCOpen
I Sinclair Ever the Optimist 1389 SSCBCOpen
H Vandame The French Way 1391 WYC / RBYCOpen
H Levenspiel Pocket Rocket 1392 MYCOpen
H Archer Winners are Grinners 1423 RBYCOpen
R Cantwell FRANK 1691 RGYCOpen
H Gilsenan Happier Panda 1823 RBYC ASCOpen

Number of entries: 13